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  Dichroa febrifuga extract ............. 60 mg
  Coptis teeta extract .................... 80 mg
  Qinghao leaf extract ................... 110 mg

Pharmacological Actions:

Dichroa febrifuga : Alkaloid, a, b and g-dichroine, dichroidine and 4-quinazolone have been isolated from the root and proved to be the active principles.

Coptis teeta : Berberine, coptine, coptisine, jatrorhizine and palmatine have been isolated from the root and proved to be the active principles.

Quinghao : Artemisinin was originally developed in 1972 in China from the plant known as Quinghao (Artemisia annua). Artemisinin is the active ingredient in quinghao, a Chinese herbal tea that have been used for 150 years to treat malaria.

The manner in which Plasmogine® kills off the malarial parasite is a complex matter and several different mechanisms are at work. The main actions seem to be:

Disruption of haemoglobin catabolism in the plasmodial parasite.

Damage to the haem detoxification system of the parasite.

Generation of free radicals from the sesquiterpene lactone which attack the membrane of the
parasite; and

Alkylation of intracellular proteins in the parasite either by free radicals or by the haem -
artemisinin complex.

The ability of Plasmogine® is to increase the cure rate in malaria and to prevent the development of resistance in the parasite.
In vivo Mouse Model

Plasmodium berghei - mouse model system as described by Peters (1970 ) was used to screen the effect of the drugs. Both therapeutic and suppressive tests were done to determine the efficacy of Plasmogine®.
Both the test (suppressive and therapeutic) showed the effectiveness of Plasmogine® in ddy mice infected with Plasmodium berghei. The effective dosage was observed to be 100 mg/ kg/ day for 4 days.
In vitro sensitivity assay

In vitro sensitivity assay of Plasmogine® was carried out with two isolates of Plasmodium falciparum in microtitre plate containing RPMI1640 (LPLF) medium using the methods described by WHO. The concentrations tested were 25, 50, 100, and 200 µg/ml. The desired concentrations of drug were obtained by dissolving in the culture medium.

The in vitro schizont inhibition was recorded after 36-hr. The in vitro schizont inhibition was marked at the concentration of 50 µg/ml with the average inhibition rate of 95% (mean of three experiments with two isolates of Plasmodium falciparum).


Herbal treatment of malaria.


1. 12 years and above :

Two caplets orally at once followed by one caplets 8 hourly (total 20 caplets).

2. Under 12 years :

20 mg / kg (body weight) at once followed by 10 mg / kg (body weight) 8 hourly for 5 consecutive days.

Side effects:

No acute toxicity was recorded in mice receiving a dosage of 1600 mg/kg /day (200 times of human dose) for 14 days.

          Dichroa febrifuga

                        Coptis teeta


Pregnancy and lactating mother.

                      Qinghao leaf

How Supply:

10 caplets in one strip. 2 strips per box.


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